There are a million and one choices to make in the business world. Choosing the right Point of Sale machine for your business is critical, as it will be handling all of your transactions. Here are 10 of the best POS machines on the market in 2022- so you can make an informed decision for your business!

What is a POS Machine?

A point of sale (POS) machine is a device that records the details of a financial transaction between a customer and a merchant. This typically includes the purchase amount, the date, and the merchant’s identification. The data from the POS machine can be used to generate receipts, track sales, and more.

Most modern POS systems are electronic devices that connect to a merchant’s computer or phone system. They typically use a magnetic strip or chip reader to capture this information. Older models used cash registers with printed receipts, but these are becoming less common as merchants move towards more modern systems.

What are its benefits for business owners?

1. Increased efficiency – POS machines help business owners process transactions quickly and accurately. This means less time wasted and more profits for your business.

2. Improved customer service – With a POS machine, customers can quickly and easily pay for their purchases without waiting in line. This makes for an improved shopping experience for your customers, leading to increased loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Enhanced security – A POS machine helps protect your business against theft and fraud by recording all purchase data electronically. This information can be used to track down criminals if needed.

4. Reduced costs – By automating many of the tasks associated with processing payments (e.g., bookkeeping, data entry), a POS machine can help reduce your operating costs.

The different types of POS machines available on the market

There are three common types of POS machines:

1. Traditional POS machine

The traditional POS machine is a desktop model connected to a printer and a cash drawer. This type of machine is best for businesses with limited transactions and do not need the portability or features offered by other models.

2. Portable POS machine

The portable POS System is a small, lightweight device that can be used with or without an internet connection. This type of machine is perfect for businesses that need to take payments on the go.

3. Cloud-based POS machine

The cloud-based POS machine does not require any hardware installation, and all data is stored in the cloud. As a result, this POS machine is perfect for businesses that want to keep their data secure and do not have space.

How to choose the suitable POS machine for your business?

If you are starting, go with a basic model. This will give you the features you need without all of the bells and whistles that can drive up the cost. Make sure to choose a machine that is compatible with your accounting software, and make sure that it can handle all of the different types of payments that you will be processing.

If you are looking for a cutting-edge machine, check out some newer models that offer loyalty programs and customer tracking. These features can help grow your business. But remember, the more features a machine has, the higher the cost. So make sure to weigh your needs against your budget when making your decision.

10 best POS machines you should consider in 2022

1. Posiflex A high-performance POS terminal box

The PB3200 is perfect for general retail and supermarkets. It features a built-in UPS, up to 6 COM ports, easy mounting of monitor, 1.6GHz CPU, up to 2GB memory, LAN, parallel, serial and USB ports. Plus, it supports Win XP Pro, WEPOS, POSReady 7, Linux and WinCE operating systems.

2. Bixolon Dot Matrix Receipt Printer

The SRP-275 Dot Matrix Receipt Printer is perfect for businesses who need a receipt printer that can bear the wear of regular use. This printer is robust and has multiple interface options to be easily integrated into any business system.

3. Touch Screen Android PC – SAP6600

The SAP6600 is designed with your retail and hospitality applications in mind. Its sleek design, powerful processor, and Android 6 operating system make it perfect for any business. With its multiple I/O ports, the SAP6600 can connect to all your devices, including printers, scanners, and cash drawers. Plus, with its optional WiFi and Bluetooth capability, you can stay connected wherever you go.

4. Citizen Entry-level POS printer (CTS-310II)

The CTS-310II POS printer is a high speed, lightweight device that can be used for many different applications. The interface allows you to print receipts or even cook lists with ease, while the long life of its paper means less downtime due to low ink levels.

5. Epson Thermal POS Printer (TMT70)

The TM-T70 has many features that include drop-in paper loading, auto-cutter, interface options to suit all types of connections, 170mm per/sec print speed, 180dpi print resolution, and front-facing operator controls. With a fast print speed of 170mm per second and 180dpi resolution, this printer can handle all of your printing needs easily and quickly. Plus, the front-facing operator controls make it easy to use without reaching around the back of the printer.

6. Citizen Flip Top Cash Drawer (GC100FD)

The GC-100FD is the perfect solution. It has 5 vertical noteholders, 8 coin compartments and 1 media slot. This cash drawer is of heavy-duty construction, with a brushed metal top and 3 position key lock. Dimensions of this cash drawer are 460mm W x 170mm D x 100mm H.

7. Honeywell Handheld Imager Scanner (IT3200)

The IT3200 scanner is perfect for any business. It has 100% solid-state technology and can read barcodes from up to 1.3cm away. Plus, it scans at 200 p/sec so you can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

8. Citizen Cash Drawers (GC34,36,37)

The GC3x range of cash drawers is perfect for any business. They are made with heavy-duty metal construction and have a 3 position key lock. Plus, they come in black or ivory to match any business’s décor.  The GC3x range also features metal note clips, 5note/8 coin compartments, and dimensions of 420mm W x 415mm D x 110mm H. Depending on your needs, you can choose from the GC34, GC36, or GC37.

9. Zebra Cordless Linear Image Scanner (LI4278)

The Zebra LI4278 is a robust cordless scanner that will suit most applications. With a built-in rechargeable battery, Bluetooth 2.1 and batch mode operation, it can be used to scan traditional paper barcodes or those displayed on screens. It also reads barcodes from 2.54cm to 76.2cm, so there is no need to worry about the size of your items!

10. Denso Portable Data Terminal (BHT8044D)

The Denso Portable Data Terminal is the perfect solution. It is lightweight, easy to use, and packed with features that make it powerful enough for your most demanding jobs. For example, you can scan barcodes up to 30 inches away, so you do not have to get too close or change your position when scanning items.

And its large liquid crystal display makes reading information quick and easy – even in bright sunlight! Plus, it comes with advanced capabilities like a 4.5MB up to 9 MB memory, 32 bit CPU, 24 keys on the keypad, infrared or Bluetooth communications and alkaline or Ni-MH battery operation.

Tips for using a POS machine in your business

  • Make sure you have the correct type of machine for your needs. For example, some machines can only process specific payments, while others are more versatile.
  • Make sure you understand how to use the machine properly. Read the instructions carefully and take advantage of any available tutorials or support materials.
  • Have a backup plan in case the machine fails. Keep a list of approved alternate payment methods handy, and ensure your staff knows how to use them.
  • Regularly test your POS equipment to make sure it is functioning correctly. This will help avoid any surprises during busy periods.


With so many choices on the market, it can be hard to decide which Point of Sale machine is right for your business. Hopefully, this list has enabled you to narrow down your options and give you a good idea of what is available.

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