The Japanese company Canon is well-known for their high quality products, including printers and photocopiers. They have been producing them since 1935 and currently manufacture imaging equipment across various industries like photography or publishing to meet customer demand worldwide!

A company called Canon introduced the world’s first 35mm rangefinder in 1936. They also created SLR cameras with pentaprism viewfinders 8 years later, and are among those who brought modern day technology into being by designing it from scratch rather than modding existing models for future needs–they paving way forward thinking about how we use computers now!

Canon has been the global leader in printing, imaging and office technologies alike for years now. They continue to push boundaries with cutting-edge technology while still offering affordability across all user groups – whether at home or on demand!

DDS becomes an Authorised Canon Partner 

The Canon team was delighted to announce that they have become an Authorised Partner of DDS. This means we can now offer our patients complete peace-of mind when it comes time for their procedure, knowing all will go smoothly and without any complications due in part thanks this partnership between two reputable companies for the best managed printing services!

Authorized Canon Partners can now offer our clients a wide range of high-quality and innovative products from home office inkjet technology up to 90 pages per minute A3 Colour enterprise Multifunction devices. And with the world renowned leader in imaging solutions right here on site at your fingertips – how could you go wrong?


 If you’re looking for a printer that can handle any job and do it well, then Canon is your best bet. With features like Wireless printing capabilities with ease of use no matter where in the house or office space yours may be located; an automatic document feeder which means less time wasted trying to manually input sheets one at

a Time!–and so much more- there’s really nothing else out on market quite like these quality machines!

The best photo printers know how to get the job done. They’re not only sharp but also vibrant, no matter what you need them for! With an intuitive control panel and straightforward setup process; many of these Canon machines offer connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth so that your smartphone can be used as a remote when printing from anywhere in range – which means less time wasted waiting around at home while others do everything remotely instead.


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